Villa for rent in Umbria Italy

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Villamena is a villa for rent in Umbria in the countryside of Assisi, the green heart of Italy. To be precise Assisi is in Central Italy, between Tuscany, Marche and Lazio. Exactly 180 Km from Florence and 180 km from Rome.

Villa for rent in Umbria between Rome and Florence

Villa for rent in Umbria for your wedding date

A lot of couple choosen to get married here. They usually choose Villamena as villa for rent in Umbria for them and their guests for three days ofr a whole week. After that the grooms arrange the wedding in any details: dresses, ceremony, rings, catering, menu, music, etc with the help of Raffaella, Villamena’s owner, and her staff.


Villa for rent in Umbria for a whole relaxing week

Whether you get married here or not, you can enjoy Villamena’s outdoor activities. One whole week of swimming pool, trekking, tennis and other sports in this peacefull place will provide beneficial effects on both body and soul. For that reason Villamena is a very popular villa for rent in Umbria.

Villa for rent with swimming pool in Umbria

Villa for rent in Umbria, close to the airport

In you wanto a villa for rent in Umbria Villamena is very close to St. Francis Airport, the airport of Umbria. Guests can rent a car but they can also move with a shuttle service from the airport to any direction. This small but important airport grant connection with London, Munich and Bruxelles over all year around. Once here you can reach other italian summer destinations in Sicily (Catania, Trapani), Sardinia (Cagliari) and Apulia (Bari). Check the list of destination here

Villa for rent close to the airport of Perugia in Umbria

Villa for rent in Umbria, Assisi – St. Francis birthplace

Are you looking for a villa for rent in Umbria, Assisi? Villamena is in the countryside of the city at just 6 km from the center. You can rent a car or a shuttle service to move from Villamena to the center of Assisi and enjoy the ancient medieval town.

It was the birthplace of St. Francis, who founded the Franciscan religious order in the town in 1208, and St. Clare (Chiara d’Offreducci), the founder of the Poor Sisters, which later became the Order of Poor Clares after her death. The 19th-century Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows was also born in Assisi.

Villa for rent in Assisi, St. Francis birthplace, in Umbria

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