Cooking in Italy - Assisi, Umbria "Recipes from Villamena"

Raffaella Covino | Villamena’s Owner

In Raffaella by Villamena

Raffaella lives in Umbria and she is the owner of this beautiful and suggestive resort in Assisi, Villamena, a beautiful location where it’s possibile organise many kinds of  events: country weddings, spiritual retreats, yoga and ayurveda courses or simply renting all the villa for a special holiday in Assisi.

Raffaella manages her property with attention and interest, and all the guests love her because she can offer an high professionality as well as her deep love for the tradition of our region; she loves spreading the true Umbrian kitchen and she also gives the possibility to learn it.

When she hosts guests,  she enthusiastically shows them a special book, written by her father, that will help you to discover the best unknown places of Umbria, with many wonderful travelogue and tourist routes.

In addition, Raffaella has a great interest in the world of cinema and filmmaking; actually she is an Umbrian filmmaker, before being an entrepreneur .

She has just realized a new film that takes place in Umbria: in this movie we can feel her love for this beautiful land because the Umbrian landscapes  and its historical towns have a strong presence in the picture. The whole Umbrian capital Perugia is in the brilliant comedy Dammi una mano (Give me a hand), with its people and its amazing glimpses; it’s almost like a “farm-to-table” film, also because it has been funded by umbrian people, through a crowdfunding.  She believed in this project and finally, at the end, she has achieved it.

Raffaella represents the will to live and when you talk with her, it isn’t impossible not having fun: she loves laughing and guests appreciate her friendly character.

Raffaella becomes a filmmaker also when she has to arrange an event or a wedding in Villamena: she helps the bride and the groom to realize an unusual wedding, chic and country at the same time, using the professional set designer that she directs.

Come to Assisi, in Villamena: you will be able to live an unforgettable Umbrian holiday with Raffaella and you will certainly have fun with her.

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