The best way to realize your wedding day in Italy: elegant, romantic, country…

In Umbria, Wedding in Villa by Villamena

What kind of set up do you prefer? Elegant, romantic, country…

Romantic Wedding style in Umbria

Most of our couples choose a romantic set up, arranging the symbolic ceremony in the garden under the archway covered with green , white or pink roses , also the chairs are decoreted with the same flowers. The wedding dinner is arranged on the panoramic terrace that for this occasion it becomes The Romantic Terrace, without lights but only candles and lanterns hunging over the tables, giving a stunning and amazing atmosphere. Lots of chandeliers and lanterns hanging from above can change the atmosphere of a space from feeling empty to intimate.
the long table is covered by a runner of seasonal flowers and candles to create a romantic decoration.
And the romantic Bouquet? We always suggest the David Austin Roses: The most romantic flower, soft, gentle shape and sweet smelling fragrance. You can find this flower with many colours : pink, apricot, white, yellow, cream.

Elegant wedding style in Umbria

If you like this kind of flower your set up will be elegant, because it is an important flower , ideal for a table decoration and for a bouquet. Hydrangeas are extremely versatile and make the arrangement full and lush. Your set up will become very important and elegant, a long runner of white and green hydrangea rushing along the long table with a fall of them at the end. The Bride Bouquet will be done with the same flowers and the same flowers will decorate the hairs. Hydrangeas are a classic summer flower and a popular wedding-day bloom.
Also the Symbolic ceremony can be elegant with an arch of hydrangea and green, placed in the garden under the string lights that give a stunning and elegant atmosphere.
And if you choose the Hydrangea theme also the wedding cake can be covered with a fall of flowers, to give a little touch of elegance.

Country wedding style in Umbria.

A country wedding where the olive branches are the protagonists.
If you like a natural and simple decoration for the wedding day, the olive brunches are the better choice. The floreal archway completely covered with them and some flowers in the middle, the chairs of the bride and groom and of all guests are adorned with some olive leaves and also the confetti will be the same leaves. The table will be decorated with small glass jars with inside wildflowers, all very simple. Also The Bride bouquet will be country and simple, it will be composed with olive branches and white flowers.
At the end the wedding cake, will have the olive leaves as decoration on the base of it.